Addressing challenging behaviors: What to know about ABA Therapy

A woman and child smiling in a home

Let’s face it – we all have good days and bad days! It goes with being human. But for some people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, struggling and acting out can become a daily concern. Challenging behavior can affect the quality of life for the whole family and, over time, can keep a person with a disability from achieving their goals and dreams.

The good news is you don’t need to try to solve these issues on your own. There are proven methods that can help, including ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA Therapy is conducted by expert therapists who work hand-in-hand with family members to understand the issues, outline specific goals, and develop a unique treatment plan. Most importantly, ABA is delivered with compassion and understanding for everyone involved. 

Could this be helpful for your loved one? Explore ABA with Mark Ammer of our Behavior Supports team, in our new “Ask an Expert” series.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

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