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Our Christian Foundation

We serve people with developmental disabilities as a mercy mission founded on Christian love, example and good works.

Our History

Since the moment we opened our doors in 1904, our Christian faith has been the foundation of our mission. We endeavor at all times to support the people we serve on their faith journeys. Whether through Bible studies, prayer services, or creating accessible materials and resources, we love and serve people of all faiths and denominations.

Bethesda Lutheran Home confirmation class
Bethesda Lutheran Communities in 1907
Bethesda chapel circa c1936
Bethesda Lutheran Home growth chart c1940
Bethesda campus c1940
Aerial view of Bethesda c1950
Reading in class c1951
Going for a walk c1960s
Bethesda's first group home in Watertown, Wis. c1961
Aerial view of Bethesda's campus c1970s
Maryville group home residents c1970s
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