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AbleLight has been providing congregate living (also called residential housing or group homes) support for people with developmental disabilities since the day we first opened our doors in 1904. That’s because having a safe and loving home is a necessary foundation in order to thrive.

What your loved one will find in our congregate living group homes

Woman with a disability using a machine with her caregiver watching


Our highly trained staff is on hand 24/7 in group homes to ensure everyone has the support they need.

Two women in an AbleLight Group Home high-fiving each other


We empower people with disabilities in all areas of their lives, from the way they decorate their room to how they spend their time.

Group of three women with developmental disabilities sitting on a couch


We’re always looking for ways to bring people with disabilities together, both with each other and with the larger community.

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Congregate living, also called a group home, provides care, support and a place to live for typically 4-6 people. Our expert team of caregivers are onsite 24/7 to ensure the people we support are well cared for.

AbleLight’s congregate living homes serve as small communities, so that people with developmental disabilities can find independence, get the support they need, and form enriching friendships with their caregivers and the other people they live with.

In addition, our caregivers, also known as Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), are committed to enriching the lives of the residents through activities such as gardening, cooking, and crafts, providing guidance, coaching and support for daily tasks, and assisting them in reaching their own personal goals. Many of our caregivers say that the people they support are like family to them.

We provide congregate living services in 8 states across the country.


Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Fresno County, Orange County, Santa Clara County, Solano County


Arapahoe County


Anderson County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, Johnson County, Linn County, Miami County, Wyandotte County


Saginaw County, Washtenaw County


Anoka County, Carver County, Hennepin County


Jefferson County, Franklin County, Nodaway County, St. Charles County, St. Louis County

New Jersey:

Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County


Aloha County, Beaverton County, Cornelius County, Forest Grove County, Hillsboro County, Portland County, Tualatin County


Renton County

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