Day Programs

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Our day programs serve as a bridge to the community and provide people with disabilities a chance to learn new skills and form meaningful connections with others in a fun, joyful atmosphere.

Day program activities can include:

  • Skill development, including daily living and vocational skills
  • Cultural and educational programming
  • Exercise and recreation
  • Volunteering
  • Empowering and supporting self-advocacy
  • Practicing and gaining fluency with technology

We also offer:

Customized service plans

We meet with each person we serve annually (or more often if desired) to develop a service plan to ensure each individual is setting goals, working toward them, and getting the most meaningful day program experience possible.

A personalized calendar of activities

Our enthusiastic, interactive staff collaborates with the people we serve to plan activities designed to support their goals and personal growth, from enhancing social skills to growing independence and more.

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