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Meet a few of the people we serve who are thriving thanks to the support of caring people nationwide.

Meet Pam, a person supported by AbleLight

Meet Pam

As Pam’s parents and primary caretakers got older, they needed someone they could trust to help Pam live in their home. That’s when AbleLight came to help.

Meet Harvey, a person supported by AbleLight

Meet Harvey

The bustle of a group home made Harvey anxious and he expressed his anxiety with big, angry out-bursts. AbleLight offered him another choice: a shared living arrangement.

Meet Deborah, a person supported by AbleLight

Meet Deborah

With the help of AbleLight DSPs Samuel and Beth, Deborah is happy and flourishing in her own home with Supported Living Services.

Meet Carl, a person supported by AbleLight

Meet Carl

Carl’s grandmother has been helping him for 22 years, but now she’s the one who needs help. With AbleLight’s support, Carl is rising to the challenge.

Meet Mary, a person supported by AbleLight

Meet Mary

Mary was born at 25 weeks and one-and-a-half pounds. Her doctors thought she wouldn’t survive, but Mary beat the odds. With support from AbleLight, today Mary is thriving.  

Your gift matters

Three men with developmental disabilities posing

A gift today can transform the lives of people with developmental disabilities in some of these powerful and meaningful ways –

  • A young adult who gets to go to college for the first time through our AbleLight College programs
  • An individual is welcomed into a new safe and loving home and doesn’t risk homelessness or living in an unsafe environment
  • Quality care is delivered by a care professional to support an individual with complex needs
  • An individual gets the assistive technology device they need to independently manage their medications and improve their quality of life
  • A person is able to participate in faith and worship during the most challenging of times

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