Unlocking Independence with Supported Living Services

Ruth and an AbleLight caregiver baking together

What are Supported Living Services?

AbleLight’s Supported Living Services (SLS), sometimes called Independent Living Services, offer customized support for individuals with developmental disabilities where they need it most – at home and in their local communities. Our goal is to foster an environment where the individuals we support can flourish, grow their skills, and gain independence.

With SLS, an individual lives in their own home or apartment and an AbleLight caregiver provides the customized support they need to achieve their goals. We understand that every person is unique, with different aspirations and dreams. Our care team works closely with the people we support to understand their specific needs and preferences and create a customized care plan.

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Areas of support

SLS covers a wide range of support areas to ensure comprehensive care. Some of the key areas we focus on include:

  • Medical needs: Helping to manage medications, scheduling and attending medical appointments, and ensuring overall health and well-being.
  • Hygiene: Assisting with personal care routines.
  • Household chores: Providing support and instruction with daily tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and more to ensure a comfortable living environment while also growing skills needed for independence.
  • Money management: Assisting with budgeting, bill payments, and financial planning to promote financial independence.
  • Meal planning and preparation: Helping with meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation of nutritious meals to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recreation: Encouraging and facilitating participation in recreational activities to stay active and engaged in your local community.
  • Community involvement: Supporting and facilitating engagement in local community events and activities that foster a sense of connection.

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At AbleLight, our dedicated care team is committed to understanding the unique needs of each person to provide the customized support they need. If you or a loved one are looking for comprehensive support to achieve independence, please inquire today about our Supported Living Services!