Disability Awareness: Ministry Tools for Creating a Place of Belonging

Man of faith blessing a person with a developmental disability

by The AbleLight Religious Life Team

Did you know that 84% of people with disabilities say their faith is important to them, while only 1 in 10 faith communities actively support disability awareness? 

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness MonthIt is the perfect time to focus on those who may be longing for a church home. It is the perfect time to begin the journey toward purposeful inclusion of people with all abilities into the Body of Christ. It is the perfect time to foster places of belonging, especially for those who may be marginalized.

As a parent/guardian of someone with a disability, you may need to be the one who reminds others about the importance of respecting and including the disabled community. You may have to be the go-to when churches or organizations need to understand how to better include people with disabilities through basic ministry. You may need to be the one who advocates for people with developmental disabilities, especially those going through transitions to adulthood. AbleLight is here to help.

Face 2 Face

AbleLight has created Face 2 Face, a resource for informational and discussion materials designed to support disability awareness and inclusion in churches, Christian schools and Christian organizations. Face 2 Face is intended as a first step towards building relationships and strengthening places of belonging. These materials are free to download and include:

  • Sermon notes
  • Bible studies for all ages
  • Litanies
  • Devotions
  • and more

Additional resources include a video that shows how a young man named Chase overcame anxiety and a fear of leadership. Stories such as this can serve as interactive examples and discussion starters.

We are hoping these materials will help our AbleLight families who may need resources when advocating for others. If you need other resource help, contact ReligiousLife@AbleLight.org.

In March and beyond, AbleLight has a goal to spread the message of “Include All Abilities.” It is an opportunity to inspire the community and focus on disability awareness, taking the first steps toward belonging. Visit our page about Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month to learn more about how to take that first step.