An independent self-advocate

Jordan is an avid hunter. In fact, one of the biggest accomplishments for this 24-year-old from Oregon was when he shot an elk last summer during one of his frequent trips to the country. He worked at Cabela’s at the time, and his trophy was awesome enough to be displayed in the pages of the company newsletter. 

For Jordan, the thrill of the hunt and bagging the prize is something he can’t live without. And that passion carries over into many other areas of his life. 

Jordan, who has an intellectual disability, ADHD and anxiety issues, lives in his own apartment in a building that includes others with disabilities. His parents wanted him to have the chance to become more independent while ensuring he had supervision to stay safe, so they turned to AbleLight. 

Today, while Jordan still needs to be reminded to do household tasks and follow directions, he is making progress and always getting better. For example, he now manages his own medications and the reminders are getting fewer and farther between. Soon, Jordan will be getting a new job at Old Chicago restaurant. 

People who know Jordan say it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking him, though they’ll admit sometimes he’s a bit outspoken. He’s also super smart; in fact, he probably can tell you the name and number of every one of the Portland Trailblazers. When he’s not working, he sees his uncle twice a month, and they have a wonderful relationship. 

Jordan also prides himself on being a relentless self-advocate. “I have actually been teased growing up, because people didn’t know how to deal with it,” Jordan recalls. “It made me feel bad.” Today, Jordan is an independent man and the definition of a self-advocate. But make no mistake: Jordan doesn’t just advocate for himself. He is a fierce advocate for the entire disability community. “I’m proud of my disability community and being a part of it,”

Your gift matters

Three men with developmental disabilities posing

A gift today can transform the lives of people with developmental disabilities in some of these powerful and meaningful ways –

  • A young adult who gets to go to college for the first time through our AbleLight College programs
  • An individual is welcomed into a new safe and loving home and doesn’t risk homelessness or living in an unsafe environment
  • Quality care is delivered by a care professional to support an individual with complex needs
  • An individual gets the assistive technology device they need to independently manage their medications and improve their quality of life
  • A person is able to participate in faith and worship during the most challenging of times

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