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Read the inspiring stories of the people we support and get the latest news from AbleLight.

The Good Word

Geared toward donors and supporters of the mission, The Good Word is a monthly email providing updates on our mission and stories of inspiration. It serves as a check-in during the months you don’t receive The Messenger.

AbleLight Messenger

A special news magazine for our donors but available to anyone, The Messenger is a quarterly magazine providing updates from across AbleLight. Expect to meet many of the talented people we serve, special announcements, updates on key projects, and how every dollar donated makes an impact.

Empowerment Blog

Our blog was created to help provide information, inspiration, and resources to people with disabilities and their families to support them with a variety of topics. We talk about everything from advocacy, wellness, and higher education to what TV shows to watch and which influencers to follow on TikTok. New content is added every week.

Inbox Inspiration

Start your week off on a faithful note with weekly devotions delivered directly to your inbox. Our valued partner Billy Mauldin, Senior Chaplain of Motor Racing Outreach, provides guidance, enrichment, and insights on living life with Jesus Christ.

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