Supported Living: Providing independence and peace of mind

Carl and his mother

Marilyn has been raising her grandson Carl in Rancho Mission Viejo, California, since he was a year old. She has worried about what might happen when she’s no longer able to look after him. Carl is autistic and has long struggled with executive functioning, which affects his ability to perform basic tasks. If he couldn’t handle something like laundry, how would he ever be able to get a job or live independently?

Marilyn found AbleLight in 2019 and signed Carl up for supported living services. Through the program, AbleLight team members come into their home and provide Carl with training on daily living skills, like cooking, cleaning and hygiene. Carl loves his AbleLight team and Marilyn is grateful to see her grandson thriving and growing into an independent, capable young man.

He’s doing so well that this spring he enrolled in a program for students with disabilities at a local college. Marilyn and Carl, now in his mid-20s, both look forward to the day he graduates and begins his dream career working with animals.

“I’ve always believed in Carl,” said Marilyn. “AbleLight has given him the skills and confidence to know he can achieve anything.”

Carl has a team of people ready to support him when he needs a little extra help and Marilyn now has the peace of mind she needs, knowing she won’t be there for Carl forever.

Supportive Services are services offered in a home that helps a person with disabilities be independent. Organizations like AbleLight offer supportive services in local communities across the country. 

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