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We need caring volunteers with big hearts who want to make the world better for people with developmental disabilities. Come join us!

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Just a few hours volunteering for an AbleLight program can make a big difference for our staff who can spend more time on individualized care, while you’ll bring joy and a connection to the community that is critical for the people we serve.

Become an AbleLight Volunteer

Here’s where we need your help

Volunteer: provide transportation for people with IDD

Provide Transportation

Providing volunteer driving support for the people we serve is just one of the many ways you can help them to reach their full potential.

Volunteer: help with general maintenance

General Maintenance

Many of the people served by AbleLight live in homes that need to be kept up.

Volunteer: be a companion

Be a Companion

If you are passionate about enriching the lives of others by providing creative and meaningful companionship, then becoming an AbleLight volunteer is a great choice for you.

Volunteer at a local Thrift Shop

Volunteer at a Thrift Store

At AbleLight, we describe our volunteers as being at the intersection of where caring hearts meet helping hands.

Explore Volunteer Opportunities

Our DSPs do an incredible job of providing daily care for the people we support – but oftentimes, there are simply not enough hands to provide basic care needs and arrange the fun and meaningful activities that enrich lives. That’s where YOU come in.

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