Top 6 Influencers with Disabilities You Should Follow on Instagram

Disability influencers on Instagram to follow

In the world of fashion and beauty influencers, rarely do you see someone with disabilities represented on TV or on social media. People who are different tend to be few and far between. Our society has created a “normal” set of ideals for what someone should look, act and feel like. Sadly, this vision does not usually include people with disabilities.

However due to the rise of Instagram and social media as a whole, many people can be represented and have their voices heard. Fashion houses and beauty empires are now embracing these differences and they are starting to be celebrated and seen more frequently in advertising.

Instagram is a helpful platform for those with disabilities because it is a mouthpiece for voices that haven’t been heard yet. Advocates of disability rights and beauty bloggers have joined forces to show that people with disabilities are beautiful inside and out. Their videos and posts are going viral for their showstopping looks and personal stories. Even better is that with Instagram’s younger audience, these influencers make an impact with their relatability.

At AbleLight we appreciate each of these influencers for being themselves and for giving a voice to those who need representation. Check out some of the featured influencers below and give them a follow!

Tess Daly


Tess is a master makeup artist and shows off her skills all over Facebook and Instagram. She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2 as a child but lets nothing stand in her way.

Marimar Quiroa


Marimar is a Latina beauty blogger, Instagrammer and is also on YouTube. She has cystic hygroma and posts her fierce make up looks on social media. She also has made sure that her content is accessible by using sign language and subtitles in her videos.

Jillian Mercado


Jillian is a force of nature. She describes herself as a ‘model, creative, activist, Latina & loving life.’ Which is really what all of us aspire to be.  She has muscular dystrophy and has built an enviable fashion career and even was the face of Beyoncé’s fashion line in 2016.

Kaitlyn Dobrow


Kaitlyn is a beauty vlogger, Instagrammer and disability rights advocate. She contracted bacterial meningitis and had all four of her limbs amputated when she was 19. Kaitlyn is down to earth and also incredibly inspiring; she posts makeup tutorials that are very personal and also flawless.

Tae Mackenzie


Tae is a model, actress and activist who has even been on the runway for New York Fashion Week. She uses a wheelchair because she has a rare form of epilepsy that causes strokes. She is someone to follow because her posts are inspiring, and she is a fierce advocate.

Madeline Stuart


Madeline has been dubbed “the world’s most famous model with Down syndrome.” She has had astonishing success in a short amount of time and has been changing people’s perceptions one post at a time. Madeline has modeled in New York Fashion Week and been featured in Vogue and the New York Times. She is unstoppable and is a powerful advocate for inclusiveness and diversity in modeling.

These are our top six beauty influencers with so many more that are making such a difference each day in the disability sphere. Who are some of your top beauty influencers? Reach out to us on Instagram at @AbleLightUSA!

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