The Future of Independent Living is Here

Rendering of AbleLight Village's Townhomes

By Tom Campbell

In one of our recent blogs, we talked about some of the innovative housing options that are available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ones that prioritize independence and community engagement. One of them is being constructed right now in Victoria, Minnesota, a suburban community southwest of the Twin Cities. We are excited to be able to offer an innovative housing option for people with disabilities that would like to take the next step into independent living.

What Is It?

It will be called AbleLight Village, and the concept is a first-of-its-kind – integrating independent adults with disabilities with active people 55 years of age and older. Not only will they live side-by-side in either apartment homes or villas, they will also have the opportunity to participate in activities together, designed with all people and abilities in mind. True to AbleLight’s mission, this will be a Christian community, although people of any faith, or no faith, are very welcome. Finally, the homes will be outfitted with Smart Home technology that will enhance independent living for all residents.

Rendering of AbleLight Village's Apartment Building
Rendering of AbleLight Village's Townhomes

Why Create This Option?

We believe that providing an independent housing option for those individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who can live alone with some support services but are currently living with a family caregiver or in a group home setting is a very important next step.  For those who can live independently, they often do not earn enough money to live in a quality home – an apartment can literally take every last dime. That’s why we’re pleased we’ll be able to provide subsidized units at a lower cost for people with disabilities, based on subsidies that we were able to secure.

“Independent living options should be available to all people – AbleLight is proud to provide people with disabilities a quality living space in AbleLight Village.”
-Tom Campbell, VP of Real Estate Development

What Supports Are Available?

It’s important to note that traditional AbleLight services such as intermittent supports are not included in the rent but could certainly be arranged independently if the resident chooses. Having a roommate would be an option as well. Parents and guardians could feel confident that their loved one would be safe – especially with the available technology – and welcome at AbleLight Village and the larger Victoria community.

Up to 25% of AbleLight Village residents will be individuals with disabilities when the facility opens late next summer. From there, we aim to take this model nationally, and are actively looking for locations that can bring this solution to more people with disabilities. It truly is a place where everyone belongs.

Tom Campbell is Vice President of Real Estate for AbleLight.