Celebrating Easter with Jenni’s heartfelt prayer

Jenni, a woman with disabilities from Minnesota

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the AbleLight team! This Easter season, we’re excited to share an inspirational prayer from one of the wonderful people we support. Jenni lives in an AbleLight group home in Minnesota, and she was happy to put together an Easter prayer for all of us to enjoy.

Watch Jenni’s prayer below!

Community & Faith at AbleLight

As a Christian organization, we strongly believe that supporting the whole person means that anyone who desires has access to faith resources and participation in the faith community of their choice. The people we support have access to prayer devotions, local services, and other opportunities to grow in their faith.

Jenni was excited to share her Easter prayer with us because her faith is very important to her. She has faced many medical challenges her whole life, but she finds inner strength from her faith. Having the ability to participate in prayers and devotions is important to her, and she shared that she wouldn’t be where she is today without her faith.

Today, Jenni is very happy with the support she receives from AbleLight. She said, “I’ve been in other group homes, and I feel like this is the best fit for me. I have a good feeling about it.”

Her positive attitude is infectious, and she has made close friends in her home. Jenni shared that her motto is to “keep going, and take things one day at a time.”

Faith Resources

AbleLight is proud to share free faith resources for anyone in the community. These materials include Bible studies, devotions, prayer books, advocacy materials, and much more.