Four more Instagrammers with disabilities you should be following

Disability influencers on Instagram to follow

Hi! We’re back with another installment of disability content creators you should follow—this time with a roundup of some of our latest favorite Instagrammers. We could honestly go on forever, but for now we’ve decided to highlight these four people who have become powerhouses of disability education and communication. Give them a follow—we highly recommend it. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @AbleLightUSA!

Callum Steven


Callum is an autistic writer and advocate whose posts cover a wide range of topics with an overall focus on life as an autistic adult. His lived experience helps him provide a keen insight into things like autistic burnout, the unwritten rules of the workplace, masking, and relationships. Callum also recently signed a book deal and says, among other things, his book will contain “practical guidance on how autistic people can navigate neurotypical society without compromising themselves.”

Andrea Lausell


Andrea has spina bifida and has been using social media to educate about disability issues for over a decade. Her content includes topics like dating while disabled, the invasive questions disabled people often get while out in public, the validity of self-diagnosis, and so much more.



Eliza is a disabled content creator who is a loud and positive voice for disability pride. Post by post, Eliza dispels myths about disability and mobility aids and educates about ableism and ableist language. Eliza is a shining example of a disabled person living a rich, full, colorful life, while still acknowledging the challenges of being disabled, both internal and external.



Lou is an autistic Instagrammer and champion for mental health. She describes her page as “documenting the journey to finding my place in a neurotypical world.” Lou’s page is full of information about her autistic experience, including education and tips for other autistics, things neurotypical people should know about autism, and so much more.

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