Employing people with developmental disabilities is good for business

AbleLight is celebrating NDEAM

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). It’s a month-long celebration dedicated to raising awareness around the contributions and capabilities that individuals with disabilities bring to the workforce.

At AbleLight, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate the spirit of inclusion and to showcase the tangible and strategic advantages that businesses gain when they embrace inclusivity in the workplace.

4 ways hiring people with disabilities is good for business

  1. Varying perspectives and problem-solving: Employees with developmental disabilities often bring unique perspectives and problem-solving skills to their job. Thinking differently can lead to creative solutions and improve the company’s innovation and problem-solving capabilities.
  2. Loyalty and Reduced Turnover: Studies have shown that employees with disabilities tend to have high job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. This can reduce recruitment and training costs while creating a stable and committed workforce.
  3. Strong Work Ethic: Many individuals with developmental disabilities are known for their dedication. They take pride in their work and are highly reliable, which can positively influence the company’s productivity and overall work culture.
  4. Positive Team Dynamics: Including employees with disabilities fosters an inclusive and supportive work environment and leads to greater teamwork, empathy, and a more positive company culture that’s good for all employees.

Powerful driver of success in business

How do we know employing people with disabilities drives positive outcomes? AbleLight provides employment support as a service for people with IDD and, more importantly, we employ people with disabilities and can speak to the profound impact our team members bring to our organization.

Employing individuals with disabilities at AbleLight

 At AbleLight, providing meaningful employment opportunities and job support for individuals with developmental disabilities is a vital part of our mission. Everyone has their own unique goals and needs, and our team at AbleLight is here to provide the support that best suits the individual’s needs. Learn more about some of the ways we provide this support below!

AbleLight Thrift Shops

AbleLight Thrift Shops are located across the Midwest! Our shops help support the life-changing services we offer, and they also provide many job opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in our communities.

“At AbleLight, we’re committed to the idea that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live an independent and purposeful life. Over 30% of the employees at our AbleLight Thrift Shops have developmental disabilities, and we’re very proud to provide these meaningful employment opportunities.” – Scott Wurzbacher, Area VP in Minnesota and VP of Retail Operations at AbleLight

You can get involved with the AbleLight Thrift Shop mission by donating, shopping, or applying!

Tyler’s Story

Tyler is an AbleLight DSP with autism. He joined our team in Oregon last year, and he’s been thriving in his role! He has formed meaningful connections with the individuals he supports, and he loves the work that he’s doing at AbleLight. Read more about Tyler’s story here.

AbleLight College

AbleLight College is a unique two-year certificate program designed to meet the higher education goals of students with developmental disabilities. The program offers inclusive academics, community connections, career preparation, and more!

We recently introduced several new programs to allow hands-on career development for our students, including our Internship Program and Third Year Fellowship Program. These opportunities allow our students to gain experience, grow their skillsets, and prepare for the future. Learn more here!

AbleLight Employment Supports

At AbleLight, we offer Supported Living Services that include our Employment Supports program. In this program, we work with people with developmental disabilities and help them find jobs and thrive in their new roles. Individuals in this program are able to discover their unique interests, skills, and passions!

Phil’s Story

The DSPs that provide care for Phil, an individual we support in Washington, help him get safely to and from his job at the local courthouse. They are supportive of his goals and want him to succeed in his position.

NDEAM Resources

Learn more about how you or your organization can get involved during National Disability Employment Awareness Month!