Getting Ready for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Woman with a disability raising her hand

March is National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a time for us to celebrate all the achievements made by and for people with disabilities, as well as look to the future and what we have yet to accomplish. It’s a time for deep reflection and big ideas—but it’s also a time to remember all the little things we can each do every day to continue raising awareness about people with disabilities in your own community.

Share your personal stories

Sharing your experiences with disability, whether your own or that of a loved one, is a small act that can have big impact. Personal stories can demystify and destigmatize disability, as well as create space for others to ask questions or get involved in the conversation.

Educate yourself

There are so many ways to learn about and connect with the disability community, and all of them can provide you with new and valuable insights. Read an article about advocacy or public policy. Follow a blog written by a person with a disability. Get makeup tips from beauty bloggers with disabilities. Ask a friend or family member about their experiences. Sign up for local and national organizations’ newsletters. Nothing is too small.

Donate, support, and advocate

Yes, nonprofit organizations are always accepting financial gifts. At AbleLight, for instance, the government only reimburses about two-thirds of our total operating costs, so we rely on generous donors to help. But that’s not the only way you can show your support—because you can also donate your time and your talent. Write a letter to your legislator about issues affecting people with disabilities. Volunteer to host a cooking class or read stories with a group home over Zoom. Collect art supplies or games to give to a local organization supporting people with disabilities.

Join us!

We have an exciting month planned, with exclusive concerts from Jessica Meuse, Johnny Cash’s family and Crowder, plus so much more. Go to our webpage for the full schedule and to see how you can get involved.