The Art of Possible! Artist’s Showcase

Whether it is drawing, painting, mixed media, or vocal interpretations of original or recreated readings, you are sure to see the many talents of our students!

Enjoy browsing the many talents and creativity of our AbleLight College students through our online Artist’s Showcase, and please take a moment to check-out our Artist in Residence, Griffin, who has put one of his beautiful metal art sculptures up for auction with proceeds going to our AbleLight College scholarship fund.

God is Love
God is Love – Griffin

God is Love – by: Griffin

Horseshoes are cut and welded together to the words “God” and “Love” intertwined in a cross shape. The barnwood signifies God’s love has been around forever and lays underneath everything.

All Inclusive
All Inclusive – Griffin

All Inclusive – by: Griffin

A rebar heart painted in the Concordia royal blue surrounding various sizes and colors of screw drivers. The screw drivers that come to the center of the heart sign signify that everyone’s included, nobody is ever left out.

Rotary Hoe Flower
Rotary Hoe Flower – Griffin

Rotary Hoe Flower – by: Griffin

Flower made out of a rotary hoe with a stem made out of some rebar and leave made out of some small hand shovel spades.

David and Hamish
David and Hamish – Nash

David and Hamish – by: Nash

I drew these pieces of art because my favorite music artists are David Bowie and Hamish Hawk. I really like their music because I think they are one of a kind.

Swiss Family Robinson Costume Ideas
Swiss Family Robinson Costume Ideas – Emily W.

Swiss Family Robinson Costume Ideas – by: Emily W.

For the Swiss Family Robinson play, I decided to draw some of the ideas of what I thought the costumes should look like.

The Ballet Dancer
The Ballet Dancer – Emily W.

The Ballet Dancer – by: Emily W.

Emily has always loved ballet and dancing in general. This simple painting projects a sense of movement that one gets when dancing.

A Flower of Dots
A Flower of Dots – Emily W.

A Flower of Dots – by: Emily W.

Emily has always loved drawing flowers. This flower took a particularly long time to draw but was very calming and therapeutic.

A Shape in Words
A Shape in Words – Emily W.

A Shape in Words – by: Emily W.

This art piece was made with watercolor paint and shaving cream. The quote is how an adventure never ends; it just has beginnings.

A Field Full of Roses
A Field Full of Roses – Emily W.

A Field Full of Roses – by: Emily W.

This is a watercolor that I did when designing a greeting card.

The Beach and Sun
The Beach and Sun – Deschon

The Beach and Sun – by: Deschon

A drawing for a spot on the beach where you can relax.

NBA Basketball
NBA Basketball – Nick

NBA Basketball – by: Nick

An official NBA basketball drawing because I like NBA.

Thoughts and Prayers for MSU – Joe

Thoughts and Prayers for MSU – by: Joe

We created this video to show support for the students at MSU.

Going on South
Going on South (Original Song) – Lydia W.

Going on South (Original Song) – by: Lydia W.

This song is about my transition from my hometown to Milwaukee (College Life).

Heart Painting
Heart Painting – Molly B.

Heart Painting – by: Molly B.

Color by number. To love special needs.

My Artwork
My Artwork – Jack

My Artwork – by: Jack

I chose to draw a picture of myself because I just got a new Apple Pencil and I wanted to test out my iPad with something that can be easy to understand.

Tree-drawing – Elijah

Tree-drawing – by: Elijah

The Sisters of Wicked
The Sisters of Wicked – Emily W.

The Sisters of Wicked – by: Emily W.

A watercolor painting of Glinda and Elphaba, this painting shows that no matter how different, anyone can be friends with each other.

Sunset Clouds
Sunset Clouds – Emily W.

Sunset Clouds – by: Emily W.

This is a watercolor painting showing the clouds at sunset and what the brain might like on the inside.

A Flapper Dress from the 20s
A Flapper Dress from the 20s – Emily W.

A Flapper Dress from the 20s – by: Emily W.

Emily has always loved the fashions of the 1920s, when women were free to show their legs for the very first time and tossing their corset out the window, liberating themselves from the controlling times of before.

The Three Heads of Fasion
The Three Heads of Fashion – Emily W.

The Three Heads of Fashion – by: Emily W.

The Three Heads of Fashion is a collage that shows that anyone and everyone can love fashion and can be beautiful, inside and out.

Emily's Fashion Book
Emily’s Fashion Book – Emily W.

Emily’s Fashion Book – by: Emily W.

A book of fashion sketches, Emily has always loved fashion and even hopes to have her own clothing line one day.

Wallpaper for a Library's Corner
Wallpaper for a Library Corner – Emily W.

Wallpaper for a Library Corner – by: Emily W.

Emily designed this wallpaper with different typewriters that all have a piece of paper in them and, if you look closely, you’d even see that each piece of paper has different titles of books on them.

A Hat for Spring and Summer
A Hat for Spring and Summer – Emily W.

A Hat for Spring and Summer – by: Emily W.

I found this hat just lying in the attic and decided to embellish it with a fabric flower and some antique buttons. I hope to bring hats back into style.

Drawing from Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Drawing of Greg Heffley from Diary of Wimpy Kid – Charlie

Drawing of Greg Heffley from Diary of Wimpy Kid – by: Charlie

My favorite movie.

Motley Crue
Motley Crue – Keaton

Motley Crue – by: Keaton

Very cool rock band.

Food – Lydia (Dia) G.

Food – by: Lydia (Dia) G.

Healthy and unhealthy…some of my favorite and least favorite foods.

Sports/Recreation Diorama
Sports/Recreation Activities Diorama – Emily P.

Sports/Recreation Activities Diorama – by: Emily P.

This diorama is about different sports and activities that you can either participate in or do for fun in your free time or if you’re bored and are looking for something to do.

Singing – by: Geneveive

Videos of Gene singing.

Luna – Brian

Luna – by: Brian

She is a character in a story I am working on.

Children's Book
Children’s Book – Andre
Children's Book

Children’s Book – by: Andre

Each of these are characters I created digitally for the children’s book I am creating.