Pam thrives with Supported Living Services

Meet Pam

Meet Pam

For most of Pam’s life, her parents were her main source of support. Her parents were getting older, and as their health began to decline, they were worried about what would happen to Pam. Their main goal was for Pam to be safe, happy, and healthy – but they also wanted her to eventually move into their family home on her own. Her parents came to AbleLight for help, and our staff determined that 24/7 care through our Supported Living Services program was the best fit for Pam.

What are Supported Living Services?

AbleLight Supported Living Services (SLS), sometimes referred to as Independent Living Services, are tailored to the individual’s unique needs so they can live as independently as possible, in their own home.

Nearly 3 out of 4 individuals with developmental disabilities rely on their parents for basic daily activities, such as preparing meals, getting dressed, transportation, and connection to their local community. Because of this, families need to have a sufficient transition plan in plan for when they can no longer care for their loved one. At AbleLight, SLS programs can vary greatly depending on each person’s goals, needs, and wants.

Our SLS Instructors can visit an individual a few times a week to assist with household chores, grocery shopping, laundry, budgeting, transportation to appointments, and much more. Some individuals want to be more involved in their community, and our SLS instructors can coordinate and support recreational and social activities for them. Others may require more care for medical or safety reasons, and they can receive 24/7 care through our SLS program.

Pam’s New Chapter

Pam initially lived in a mobile home close to her parent’s house. She was able to live there with the support of her parents and AbleLight for many years. While she lived there, the AbleLight team assisted Pam with things like personal hygiene, meal preparation, transportation to appointments, and managing her medication. When her parents moved into an assisted living home, their dream was for Pam to move into their family home.

Even though it was the house she grew up in, Pam was not on board right away. AbleLight’s care team worked with Pam and her parents to slowly help Pam feel more comfortable with the idea. The move was complete while Pam’s father was still alive, and he was very grateful to the AbleLight team who went above and beyond to make his dream come true and establish a better living situation for Pam.

Griselda is an SLS Instructor for AbleLight who works with Pam in her home. She assists with personal hygiene, meal preparation, transportation to appointments, getting her medications, and much more. She also helps Pam get out into the community by going for walks, shopping, or going out to eat.

Today, Pam is thriving! The team reports that she has evolved from the quiet, reserved personality they met when they first began caring for her over fifteen years ago to a person who can better communicate her emotions and needs. Although she misses her parents, AbleLight will always be part of her family.

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