In-Home Activities Delivers Big Benefits for People with Disabilities

Two women with developmental disabilities painting with each other at a table.

With schools closed and many states instituting guidelines to keep people sheltered in place to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, parents and guardians are looking for ways to keep their loved ones active and entertained.

With this in mind, AbleLight created an In-home Activity Center. Here you can find activities, resources, sermons and more to help you guide your loved one through this critical time.

Here is a closer look at a couple of suggestions found in our In-home Activity Center that are fun, foster creativity and can be very beneficial to your loved one (and you). 

Arts and crafts grow the mind

You may be surprised to learn that studies show arts and crafts create benefits far broader than a beloved knickknack.

 An artificial flower, a little tape, and an old pen may just be lying around your home.  Spend some time to mold them together and you have a little something that will brighten anyone’s day – a DIY Flower Pen.

Whether it’s a flower pen, a mouse you create from an empty toilet paper roll, or maybe a gumby made from pipe cleaners, arts and crafts activities are linked to:

  • Brain activity and coordination across the left and right sides of the brain leading to cognitive development.
  • Active movement of hand and fingers stimulating fine motor skills, muscle development and coordination.
  • Social interaction helps to build understanding and the development of language and communication skills.

Playing games stimulates the imagination

Blowing bubbles, collecting rocks, building a fort under the dining room table…. Everyone has a favorite game or activity from their childhood.  And as with arts and crafts, the benefits from playing games abound.  Playing is a great way to:

  • Learn something new
  • Explore faraway places and stretch your imagination
  • Be active and burn a little energy

The beauty of playing a game or doing an activity is that you can readily find something for any interest and skill level.  But where to start?  The sky is the limit!  You can rely on something tried and true or change up an ole favorite to something new.  “I Spy” is always a hit, but add a rolled-up piece of paper and a hat and you are on a pirate ship looking for lost treasures.

Time spent together means love

Whether playing a game or creating an art project, the true value is doing something together.  Interaction between people creates or strengthens a bond and builds trust. Spending time together is a great way to show love and demonstrates your interest in doing something that brings your loved one pure joy. It can help grow the relationship between the two of you especially during times of stress when we need it the most.

Perhaps Kris Leonard, Senior Director of Program Development, at AbleLight says it best: “This is truly a time for us to pull together—to lean on each other, find new ways to enjoy each other, and support one another.”

Visit AbleLight’s In-Home Activity Center for a wide variety of activities, resources and more.