Celebrating over 100 Host Home Placements in Colorado

Harvey and Cathy in a Colorado Host Home

We recently hit a huge milestone worth celebrating: We’ve made 100 Host Home placements in Colorado! That’s 100 people with developmental disabilities who are able to live fuller lives and be more engaged in their communities—a huge win for us all. We at AbleLight are grateful for the opportunity to change the lives of so many people with disabilities, and we look forward to expanding the program even further.

What are Host Homes?

This program (also known as Life Sharing, Shared Living, or Family Home Agency) connects people with disabilities with families in the community and offers them a safe and loving place to call home.

At AbleLight, we believe a great life starts with a great home—and our Host Home program offers more than just housing. Host Home providers offer daily support, companionship, and care to a person with developmental disabilities. This unique living arrangement allows for individuals with disabilities to stay engaged within their community, form meaningful and lasting relationships, and become more independent.

“The people we serve become part of the host home’s family,” says Allisha Vargas, Shared Living Coordinator in Colorado. “They get to participate in everyday life—church, family dinners, movies, shows, outdoor activities. They’re active and engaged in the community.”

Being a Host Home provider can come with challenges, but it’s also rife with rewards. Not only do providers earn a competitive, tax-free income, but the benefits providers experience go far beyond the paycheck.

“You think it’s about you reaching out and what I’m doing for this person, how I’m going to enhance this person’s life,” says Cheryl, a Host Home provider for AbleLight. “But really they enhance your life. They touch your heart. They become part of the tribe.”

“Every day, you know you’ve made a difference,” says Erin Krause, Host Home Program Manager in Colorado. “As hard as it may get, the people we serve remind you why you’re doing it and why it’s worth it.”

“You just see the impact you have on people,” says Dave, another provider in Colorado. “It makes us feel good that we can do this.”

It makes us feel good too, Dave.

Here’s to 100 placements today—and many, many more in the future.

Become a Host Home provider

We currently offer Host Home programs in Colorado, California, Kansas, and Minnesota, with an eye toward expanding into more states in the future. If you’ve got room in your home—and in your heart—for a person with disabilities, we want to hear from you!

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