#CelebrateDifferences during Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Society: Spread Awareness; Promote Acceptance; Ignite Change graphic

Today, one in 59 children are diagnosed with autism.  It is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States. To help with the acceptance, knowledge and support of autism, April has been designated as Autism Acceptance Month. While individuals and families with autism live their lives every day well aware of the disorder and its implications, there is still a need to educate and raise awareness for the general public.

“Our goal for National Autism Awareness Month is simple: We want to provide information, resources, and support for the communities we serve in an effort to create more opportunities for an inclusive society. We believe it is important that every community has a clear understanding of autism and the desire to build inclusivity as we #CelebrateDifferences.”

— Christopher Banks, President and CEO of Autism Society of America
Autism Society: Spread Awareness, Promote Acceptance, Ignite Change

How to #CelebrateDifferences and Make a Difference

To help #CelebrateDifferences and celebrate Autism Acceptance Month, it is important to come together, support each other and remember our most vulnerable populations. You can make a difference by sharing resources through your digital and social channels and by sharing your loved one’s story with your connections and the greater community. Awareness leads to knowledge, which leads to acceptance, which means bigger and more opportunities for those with autism.

Use the hashtag, #CelebrateDifferences to share a story, spread awareness, promote acceptance and ignite change.

Resources During COVID-19

The Autism Society of America (ASA) has recognized that Autism Awareness Month cannot be celebrated, shared and lifted up as it has been in the past. You can click here to find a robust COVID-19 toolkit that recognizes and supports each facet of the autism community. AbleLight also has an In-Home Activity Center that is designed to help you and your loved one cope – and even flourish – all without having to leave your home.

Together we can get through this challenging time, and together we can build awareness, educate and make a difference.