How and Why You Should Campaign for Direct Support Professionals

Kurt Rutzen

As a parent, guardian or advocate of a person with an intellectual or developmental disability, you are accustomed to using your voice to support your loved one and the services they need to lead a quality life. During this unprecedented situation created by the Coronavirus, now is the time to raise our voices in union. As the U.S. government responds to COVID-19 with financial aid, Direct Support Professionals have been forgotten and need our help to remind our legislators of their important role. 

Unsung heroes

Undoubtably, your loved one has many health care heroes in his or her life. Direct Support Professionals feel a sincere calling to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in many ways: They administer medication, take vital signs, respond to urgent medical situations, administer tube feedings, conduct speech therapy, memory care and much more. They are the unsung heroes and essential health care workers that so many people with disabilities depend on every day. Now is the time that these workers need our support.

What you can do

AbleLight closely monitors federal and state legislative activity and right now, COVID-19 relief bills are being passed without support for DSPs. Visit AbleLight’s Advocacy page for up-to-date information about this and complete the online petition telling Congress to include DSPs in these important bills. Make your voice heard!

Together we can make a difference. Please act now and encourage others to do the same.